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21 Nov 2015

Sex And Love: Here Are 5 Important Spiritual Sex Facts You Should Take Serious…Especially No 2

Sexual intercourse, is normally seen as the insertion of the erect penis into a vagina for the purposes of enjoying sexual pleasure, reproduction, or both. Aside vaginal sex, we also have anal sex, masturbation… Basically, sex –
14 Nov 2015

3 Habits Men Need To Change For Guaranteed HOT SEX (Check Them Out) >>>

These are surprisingly simple. A lot of men often ask how to get their ladies to have more sex. Unfortunately, there are a million and one things that can dampen a woman’s libido and make it difficult
14 Nov 2015

2 BIG Things ALL Nigerian Women Want In Bed (And How You Can Deliver) >>>

Sexual satisfaction is constantly addressed by magazines and sex columns in an attempt to answer the elusive question, “What do women want in bed?” So what does your woman really want in bed? Besides deep intimacy, romance,
14 Nov 2015

DISCOVERED: See The Top 5 Mistakes Nigerian Men Make During Sex [EXPLICIT CONTENT] >>>

If you’ve been having sex for a while, you probably think you’re a pro. You know all the things women like and you are a champion in the bedroom. Well many men are selfish in the bedroom