‘Terrorists are tribalists, not Muslims’

boko_haramGeneral Evangelist of the Christ Apostolic Church, Prophet Kayode Abiara, has dissociated Islam from the insecurity and terrorism bedevilling the country.

He spoke at a press conference in Lagos on Saturday in the wake of recent terror attacks that claimed the lives of no fewer than 29 pupils in Yobe and 10 Ibadan traders killed in Mongunu, Borno State last week.

Abiara said there were many “good, accommodating and charitable Muslims”, both from the northern and southern parts of Nigeria.

He said, “Based on my friendly relationship with them, I refuse to acknowledge that Islam breeds terrorists. It is a religion that preaches peace, charity and tolerance. I admonish Nigerians not to blame the insecurity in the country on Muslims indiscriminately.”

Abiara blamed the attacks on the sect, who he said, were tribalistic rather than religious. He said, “Maybe they killed the traders because they don’t like Yoruba people.”

The cleric, who extolled known Muslims in the society, said, “The First Lady of Lagos State, Abimbola Fashola, is a Christian, while her husband, the Governor, is a Muslim. And the couple have co-existed admirably.”

He said Fashola presides over matters in the state without any religious bias.

Abiara, who felt that many politicians had let Nigerians down, decried the non-fulfilment of manifestos.

Abiara said the panacea for the insecurity in the country was for Nigerians to have faith in God.

Abiara stated, “We must look unto God to tackle the insecurity in Nigeria. Though the government may try, what we still need is the backing from God Almighty. Muslims and Christians should pray. I urge Christian faithful to join his church in praying for the nation on Friday at Ikeji Arakeji, Osun State, with the  theme, Divine Power and Authority.”

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