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SHOCKER: I Caught My Wife In Bed With Her ‘Brother’ (Read Full Story)

In his defense on his divorce from his wife, a 40-year-old man, Mr Sunday Oladipupo, made shocking revelations in court as he asked Orile Agege Customary Court in Lagos to dissolve his marriage with Bukola over alleged

10 Solid Reasons You Should Marry A Military Man With 10 Amazingly Beautiful Nigerian Military Wedding Pictures You Need To See

Getting married to someone in the military in Nigeria is a very beautiful thing. Firstly, most of them get married in grand style and the ceremony is always different from the usual wedding ceremonies in Nigeria. After

This Was How I Caught My Friend’s Girlfriend With Another Man: Should I Tell My Friend? >>>>

I went to visit family members where I used to stay, then decided to quickly say hi to my secondary school friend who stays in the same neighborhood. On getting to his place he was drinking a

I Only Shifted Her Pant and Ejaculated Outside Her Private Part – Church Deacon Confesses (READ STORY) >>>>

A horny deacon held in reverence by his church members has allegedly r*ped a 7-year-old daughter of his friend left in his care. A pedophile 44-year-old deacon of Jesus Saves Church, a Lagos Pentecostal church, Obinna Aneke

8 Things Ladies Do That Make Guys Tag Them ‘Hungry’ Ladies >>>

In the society and social media at large, guys are quick to condemn and bully ladies, calling them all sort of names for their acts. However, we should not always blame guys for treating ladies with disdain

GUYS, Here Are 5 simple Ways to Charm a Girl and Flatter Her Into Liking You >>>>

Every guy wants to know how to charm a girl into liking him. But many fail in their pursuit because they don’t know the five things to know to charm a girl. Find out what those five

Read My Story – My Husband Sleeps With Me Once In 5 Months Because Of This Silly Reason >>>

A certain man has filed a divorce suit against his wife at the Grade ‘C’ Customary Court sitting at Owode-Academy, in Ibadan South-East Local Government area of Oyo State. Mr Aderemi Ishola, a baker, sought the court

How To Enjoy Massive Free Calls n SMS To All Networks on AIRTEL >>>

Fresh on Airtel! Get amazing bonuses on data, SMS and calls to all networks in Nigeria. Why have many lines when you can get the best value for all you want to do on your Airtel line?

FOR SHARP GUYS: 3 Ultimate Ways to Get Every Woman Wet & Ready For Banging >>>>

Making her wet prepares her for what is to come while making things easy for you because you know how much her body desires you. Getting a woman turned on is very crucial if you want her

7 Honest Reasons Why Men Crave For Women With Huge Behind

There are a lot of reasons to love curvy women over skinny ones as a lot of slim girls lack essential factors inherent in curvy ones.These factors range from fertility to beauty and they are the things